Youth and Adult Acting Classes

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We also offer self-taping, private lessons and workshops. Inquire at



Kids Commercial Basics-Beg (ages 7-14)
4 week course/Rolling Enrollment
4:00pm-6:00pm    Tuesdays
10:00am-12:00pm Saturdays

Kids On-Camera Audition Technique (ages 8-14)
4 weeks/Rolling Enrollment
4:00pm-6:00pm Wednesdays
3:00pm-5:30pm Saturdays

Kids Improv Classes (ages 8-14)
4 weeks/Rolling Enrollment
10:00am-12:00pm Sundays



Progressive ONGOING Scene Study Class
18+ (pre-approval req’d)
7pm-10pm Wednesdays

*Please email for approval or auditing.



We offer Private coaching for kids and adults.

We also offer self-taping sessions with or without coaching.

*Please email for appointments and pricing details.

“I couldn’t be happier with all the knowledge I have gained over the last year working with Raquel. You owe it to yourself to invest in your career if you want to see it grow. Raquel Gardner helped me do that. I just booked my first speaking role!”
Jasmine C.
“Since working with Raquel Gardner, I’ve booked two national commercials! I found an acting coach, business coach, and mentor rolled in one. Raquel has so much knowledge about the Entertainment Industry and has been a pivotal part of moving my career forward.
Courteney W.
This industry can be overwhelming, but now I work with Raquel, I know I’m making the right decisions and taking important steps forward in my career. I no longer feel like I’m alone stabbing in the dark. She even helped me pick the best headshots
for my profile!

Helena G.
Raquel Gardner
Raquel GardnerHead Acting Coach
Navigating through the Entertainment Industry can be a difficult process. Especially if you don’t have anyone to help you.
Raquel Gardner has been in the Entertainment Industry for over 25 years. She started out as an actress and with much success, Raquel has been lucky enough to book feature films, series regular roles, recurring, guest stars, many national commercials and major print campaigns.
Raquel knew deep down inside all the knowledge she was gaining needed to be shared with all the new actors that were starting in the business or actors that have been in the Industry for a while but are at a stand still.
And so, The Raquel Gardner Actors Studio was born.
In 2010 Raquel decided to go behind the scenes of the industry to understand another side of the business and fill in any gaps she may have missed as an actor. Raquel was hired as a Commercial and Theatrical agent at a very respectful Los Angeles based agency for 3 years. This allowed Raquel to gain insider knowledge of how this industry works from the inside. It also gave her an up to date understanding of exactly what casting directors and agents are looking for.
​Raquel is currently teaching ongoing classes and private lessons in Culver City at The Annex @Aerial Warehouse in Los Angeles and other countries around the World.

​Raquel has surrounded herself with many mentors, fellow actors, directors , producers and casting directors that she is proud to call longtime friends and associates. She is very passionate about sharing what she has learned over the years with the new generation of artists. Her students will tell you how much they Absolutely Love her!!