Aerial Arts




85 min. Introduction to basic aerial skills that are applied in all aerial fitness classes. Focus in establishing a base of aerial terminology and basic skills while strengthening the intrinsic muscles necessary to avoid injury while practicing aerial/acrobatic training. Training begins on the silk and may transition to other apparatus, email us for specific apparatus training.

Adults 18+. 1.25 hrs. Learn varied level Hoop/Lyra elements. Develop the strength and flexibility required for all aerial acrobatics as well as work on the foundation for fluidity and musicality in the air.

All aerial levels welcome. Ages 18+ (17 and younger must be approved Aerial Warehouse management.)

No organized instruction available. Attendees must be able to mount and dismount any aerial apparatus without assistance. If bringing own equipment it must be rigged by AW staff only and upon approval of equipment and hardware.

There is no use of the tumble trak or trampoline allowed during open gym time.

Tramp, Tumble & Parkour



Adults 18+. 85 min of Beg/Int. level tumbling and trampoline skills. Learn the proper building blocks necessary for intermediate tumbling acrobatics and trampoline skills.

Adults 18+. 85 min.  Learn basic Parkour elements using our indoor free running environment including block and bars.  Jumps, fall, rebounds, swings and locomotive skills introduced at a beginner level.

Group, Partner & Dance Fitness




50 min. 18+. Open level/beginner Aerial Yoga combines the strength of Aerial Arts with the flow of traditional Yoga.  With the assistance of Aerial Hammock for suspension, many traditional poses are facilitated providing exceptional core strength and stretch gains with minimal compression and discomfort.

Adults 18+. 75 min. All Levels. NO PARTNER NEEDED.  Learn basing, spotting, and composition of Acro’s most exciting and accessible poses! Show up with a friend, a partner or come solo! Learn dynamic, fun partnering skills/stretching, followed by technical instruction.

17+.  55min All Levels. We are currently offering Ballroom Smooth and Ballroom Rhythm…We are hoping to add more types of evening adult dance in the fall. Check Back!