Please sign up here if your child will be performing in our Spring Showcase at Aerial Warehouse. The kids have been working very hard learning new skills and putting solo, duo and trio acts together!

   •Your child will be performing on the day she/he usually comes to class. (Ok to perform more than once if you have multiple days)

   •If your child cannot perform on their regular class day, please let us know and we can choose another day!

   •RSVP by Friday April 15th to save your spot!

   •Please let us know ASAP by email if your child will not be performing in the showcase

Showcase dates are as follows:

Monday – Thursday May 9, 10, 11, 12 
Youth Aerial Fun
AIRE Flips n’ Tricks
Dance, Leap, Tumble
Saturday and Sunday kids can pick from one of the dates above to perform in a showcase.
We will try to get Dance Leap Tumble  on the same date so they can perform together.

Friday May 13th
6pm Jr Crew
8pm Advanced Crew
Email to follow

Please show up to AW at 4pm the day of your showcase
Parents, Grandparents, Siblings and Friends are all invited
All showcases start at 5pm

Hair and Costuming
Girls: Leotard and Tights or Unitard
Boys: Shorts or jogger pants and White, Red  or Blue T-shirt
Hair off face in pony tail, bun or braids

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