Summer Camp ACM
(Aerial Crew Mentorship/CIT 14-18)
Monday – Friday
$350.00 per week/$75 per day
*Must be pre-approved 

The ACM/CIT program is for AW trainees who are enthusiastic about acrobatics and aerials. Applicants must display responsibility and have an eagerness to mentor others. Individuals accepted into the ACM/CIT program will shadow the coaching staff and assist with all activities. ACM/CIT participants are expected to possess and learn great role model skills for all younger campers. They will be required to follow the daily schedule, help coaching staff in set-up, break-down and learn the general flow of productive classes. Aire Crew Mentors will be introduced to and practice leadership skills. They will learn to promote Fun, Fitness, and the Fundamental of our Athletic training program in the spirit of Arete. Those who climb higher, lift as they go.

As a  Coach in Training, you are a role model, friend, instructor and hero to campers aged 5-12 years. Your responsibilities include overall supervision of your campers and ensuring their well being and safety while they are enjoying our fun and rewarding camp or event experience.


How old do I need to be to be a CIT?
To become a CIT you must be 14+ years old and enrolled in our program during the year you plan on applying.

Do CIT’s have to have a background in gymnastic and/or aerial training?
Yes.  You must be enrolled in our program and have some experience in your field of interest whether it is aerial arts, dance, gymnastics or action arts.  If are not enrolled on our program, but would like to apply for the CIT program, please email us to set up and interview and assessment. Another option is to apply to be an administrative assistant who will earn the various aspects of running a business such as learning our software program, checking in students, etc.

How do I become an Assistant Coach?
In order to become an Assistant Coach, you must register as a CIT, be enrolled in our program and be trained by Aerial Warehouse staff and complete all the listed requirements below.

How old do I need to be to be an Assistant Coach?
14+ years old with a work permit and approval from AW Management Team.

Assistant Coach REQUIREMENTS: 50 assisting hours + 40 hours as a CIT
•Completion of 50 hours assisting kids events including:
      Birthday Parties
      Parents night out
      Kids Private events
      Kids Open gym
•Completion of 40 hours of assisting kids camps required (CIT camp rate $75 per day)
•USA Gymnastics Course U100 – Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction
•First Aid/CPR Certification (you choose your course
•In House Training and Rigging Workshop (8 hours+fee)