Frequently Asked Questions

Hooray! You’ve decided to try out a class.  No experience is necessary. Our classes are a fun and challenging way to work out, just show up and be ready to give it your all! Don’t hesitate to ask your instructor a lot of questions, be patient with yourself and stick with it!

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your class. If you have never been to Aerial Warehouse before, you may need to complete a waiver form.  It’s always a good idea to be a few minutes early to get settled and put your things away before class starts.

For aerial training we suggest form-fitting leggings  that cover the back of your knees. Shirts should be tight enough to stay put when you are upside down or long enough to tuck in. A form fitting long sleeve shirt to protect your under arms when necessary. A leotard or unitard is also a good choice.  Hair needs to be up and off your face, barefeet, no shoes or socks needed for aerial and trampoline training.  For dance you can wear jazz shoes, ballet shoes, foot undies, depending on the type of dance you are taking.  For trampoline and parkour training, shorts and t-shirts are suitable for boys and leggings and form-fitting shirts for girls. ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY Of ANY KIND , ZIPPERS or BELTS.

For all classes, water is always a good idea! We do have a drinking fountain in case you forget or you can purchase bottled water.

Coming Soon!! 

We will have Open Aerials for Adults.

Trampolines and Parkour type activities are off limits for open gym times.

We do not currently have open gym times for kids.

Unfortunately parents can’t sit in the gym during class. It’s very important to us that the kids feel relaxed and have the confidence to try new approaches.  In a class we aren’t always looking for a finished product but are exploring ways to get to there. Knowing that a group of adults will be standing in the back of the room watching, might make some kids self conscious, and afraid to take risks. Some parents feel uncomfortable having other parents watch their child.  It’s our strong belief that every act is a work in progress. The class is a time to experiment and we stress that it’s okay to try different things. We do critique the work but it’s done in a very supportive way. We strongly believe in positive reinforcement.  

We only have bathrooms for changing and freshening up!