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Our Curriculum​

At Aerial Warehouse, we use highly developed aerial and parkour curriculums that enable students with no previous experience to reach new heights. Each class is designed to provide the necessary tools for advancement. Students train at their designated level until they can perform the skills and sequences necessary to move up. Our pre-beginner aerialists  start at Mini’s, Level 1 and 2. Every student progresses at their own pace and we encourage a “teamwork” environment at all times. Our instructors understand the many factors considered for advancement. Age, focus, strength, coordination, endurance, and previous training in sports such as dance, gymnastics or martial arts. We work hard to provide classes that are filled with fun and education that adheres to our policy of safety first. Our awareness of fun, fitness and fundamentals is what empowers our students to advance safely. 

Patience will help you understand your young athlete. Aerial and Action Arts is both challenging and rewarding.  We recommend advancement only when the student is physically and emotionally ready to meet the demands of the next level.


Ages 5-7 (55 min)
Pre-Beginner students will be introduced to basic building blocks centered around fun, fitness and fundamentals of aerial training.  Focusing on hand and core strength for climbing and safe practice. All skill progressions will be instructed on a variety of apparatus to encourage versatility.  Students will be introduced to basic poses that establish coordination and strength. Prerequisites: None
Tues/Thurs 3:30pm 

Ages 7-12 (55 min) No pre-req
Beginner students will learn basic aerial conditioning, safe climbing and descending skills.  Students will learn basic static poses, dynamics and combinations that build, strength and coordination.  These fundamental strength progressions will expand to further techniques introduced on several aerial apparatus that promote endurance and confidence while up in the air. Prerequisites: None
Monday 5:00pm/Wednesday 4:00pm

Ages 7-12 (55 min) No pre-req
Thursday 4:00pm/Saturday 9:00am/Sunday 10:30am 

Ages 7-12 (55 min) Pre-req Level 1
Beginner students that have had basic aerial skill training and can easily demonstrate Level 1 combinations. Focus is based on increasing the repertoire of poses, techniques and transitions while challenging aerial stability. Students will learn level 2 sequences designed to enhance form and musicality to promote presentation skills. Prerequisites: Beginner Level 1, climb silk with control. (by instructor evaluation)
Monday 4:00pm/Wednesday 5:00pm/Sunday 9:30am

Thursday 5:00pm 

Ages 7-13 (55 min)  Pre-Req Level 1&2
Students will start to emphasize flexibility and strength training as a corner stone to aerial arts.  Additional elements and sequences taught will be transferred into learning about partnering in the air. Students will learn level 3 sequences intended to increase endurance and full knowledge and body/apparatus awareness. Prerequisites: Beginner Level 2, easily climb to the top of the silk. (by instructor evaluation)


JUNIOR CREW (Pre-approval required)
Ages 8-12 (85 min) This class is for Beginner students that can easily demonstrate Level 1 combinations and show increase flexibility, focus and stamina. Students are challenged at an accelerated rate to reach new heights and gain repertoire knowledge and partnering skills.  Focus is on level 2 and 3 sequences to increase strength and endurance. Prerequisites: Level 1, easily climb to the top of the silk. (by instructor approval)
Monday & Wednesday 4:00pm/Saturday 9:30am

INTERMEDIATE CREW (Pre-approval required)
Ages 11-17 (85 min) This class is for Intermediate students that have shown proper progressions and skill technique. Students focus on repertoire knowledge, partnering skills, and act creation while maintaining necessary conditioning elements.  Crew classes incorporate dance/choreography and theater skills that create a well rounded Aerial Artist.  Prerequisites: Level 3 (by instructor approval)
Monday & Wednesday 4:00pm/Saturday 9:30am

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED CREW (Pre-approval required)
Ages 8-17 (85 min) This class is for Advanced students that have an established skill set with sound aerial techniques that transfer to all aerial apparatus. Students focus on choreography, solo and multi-person act creation.  Strength, endurance and flexibility are maintained to meet the demands of the class. Special attention is given to the instruction and progression side of movement that can be transferred into assistant teaching opportunities as an Aerial Warehouse team member.   Prerequisites: Int. Crew/Level 3 (by instructor approval)
Tuesday & Thursday 5:00pm


Ages 5-7  (55 min) Basic urban gymnastics and use of strategic obstacle courses to build playground skills. Participants use the ground and the air to enhance & develop balance, strength and coordination using many cirque/parkour style apparatus.
Saturday 9:00am/Sunday 9:30am

Ages 7-10 (55 min) Beginner Parkour and T &T. 
Uses effective fundamentals & progressions for building a strong foundation to practice Freerunning (Parkour). Participants develop agility and control using jumps, landings, swings, rolls, climbing and more.
Tuesday & Thursday 4:00pm/Wednesday 5:00pm/Saturday 9:00am/Sunday 9:30am

Ages 9-12 (55 min) Int. Parkour and T &T. 
Introduction and progressions for flipping and handsprings with Intermediate level instruction in Tumble/Trampoline & Parkour skills.
Monday & Wednesday 4:00pm/Tuesday & Thursday 5:00pm/Saturday 11:00am

Ages 10-14 (55 min) Intermediate Parkour skills. 
Instruction & practice of free running (Urban Gymnastics). Coordinates jumping, vaulting and climbing strength/techniques to enhance efficiency in motion. Some flipping progressions, swinging on intermediate level obstacle courses.
Monday 5:00pm/Saturday 11:00am

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