Tot FUNdamentals (3-5 years) 45 minutes 

This class devoted to discovering basic strength and agility. Kids will learn basic playground skills and practice how to navigate acrobatic courses using balance, jumping, hanging, rebounding as well as landing. Students will also be introduced to hand eye coordination and timing of music with movement. Dedicated to Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals of gross motor skills development. *Parent involvement may be required.


Kid ACROplay (5-7 years) 55 minutes 

Basic balance, strength, skills and ability

Dedicated to balance, strength and coordination using many cirque/parkour style apparatus. Use of strategic obstacle courses on the ground and in the air to enhance & develop athletic skills. Dedicated to Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals of athletic training.



AIRE Buds (8-10 years) 55 minutes 

 Instruction and practice of basic parkour and tumbling/trampoline skills. (Tier 1) Free running, jumping, flipping & swinging using safe & effective courses/techniques.

Aerial Warehouse 0105


Youth Aerial Fun Levels 1 & 2 (7-12 years)

7-10 yrs. 55 min. Introduction to Aerial skills at a beginner level on a variety of circus apparatus. Dedicated to the Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals of Aerial training.

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