Acro Play

Beginner Best for ages 5-7


55 min. class dedicated to balance, strength, and coordination. Students practice navigating obstacles, balance skills along with climbing and traversing using many cirque/parkour style apparatus.

Focus: Balancing, jumping, rolling, climbing, hand-eye coordination, landings, and of course following directions, listening as well as imagining and commanding endless creative possibilities.


A.I.R.E. buds

Beginner Tier 1 Ages 6-8


55 min. weekly class with a combination of basic Parkour “free-running” skills as well as an introduction to tumbling/trampoline with an urban gymnastics approach.

Focus: balancing, bounding/rebounding, jumping, rolling, climbing, traversing, vaulting, and basic gymnastics skills.

Flips ‘n’ tricks

Beg+/Int. Tier 2 Ages 8-10

55 min. weekly class focused on further Parkour and traversing skills with an introduction to flipping/tricking using progressions and core muscle development necessary for air awareness. 

Focus: balancing, jumping, rolling, climbing, traversing, vaulting, gymnastics skills, and flip/trick progressions.


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