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At Aerial Warehouse, we use highly developed aerial and parkour curriculums that enable students with no previous experience to reach new heights. Each class is designed to provide the necessary tools for advancement. Students train at their designated level until they can perform the skills and sequences necessary to move up. Our pre-beginner aerialists  start at Mini’s, Level 1 and 2. Every student progresses at their own pace and we encourage a “teamwork” environment at all times. Our instructors understand the many factors considered for advancement. Age, focus, strength, coordination, endurance, and previous training in sports such as dance, gymnastics or martial arts. We work hard to provide classes that are filled with fun and education that adheres to our policy of safety first. Our awareness of fun, fitness and fundamentals is what empowers our students to advance safely. Patience will help you understand your young athlete. Aerial and Action Arts is both challenging and rewarding.  We recommend advancement only when the student is physically and emotionally ready to meet the demands of the next level.

Kids Schedule & Classes

Please send all schedule inquiries to:

KIDS Classes

Ages 2yrs-17yrs

Open Play

OPEN PLAY  (2-5 years) 2hrs Open play for toddlers to pre-kinder includes several interactive environments where you can play, spot and work with your child along with others at your leisure! Our coach/host is on-site to help guide you with simple spotting and directional techniques during play time.
No formal instruction is offered. Full parent/guardian involvement is required. Drop in fee: $18 per child. Space is limited. MON & WED 12pm-2pm

Aerial Arts

AERIAL MINI’S  (5-7 years)  55 min. Pre-Beginner students will be introduced to basic building blocks centered around fun, fitness and fundamentals of aerial training.  Focus is on hand and core strength for climbing and safe practice. All skill progressions will be instructed on a variety of apparatus to encourage versatility.  Students will be introduced to basic poses that establish coordination and strength. Prerequisites: None

YOUTH AERIAL FUN 1  (7-12 years)  55 min. Beginner students will learn basic aerial conditioning, safe climbing and descending skills.  Students will learn basic static poses, dynamics and combinations that build, strength and coordination.  These fundamental strength progressions will expand to further techniques introduced on several aerial apparatus that promote endurance and confidence while up in the air. Prerequisites: None

YOUTH AERIAL FUN 2  (7-12 years)  55 min. Beginner students that have had basic aerial skill training and can easily demonstrate Level 1 combinations. Focus is based on increasing the repertoire of poses, techniques and transitions while challenging aerial stability. Students will learn level 2 sequences designed to enhance form and musicality to promote presentation skills. Prerequisites: Beginner Level 1, climb silk with control. (by instructor evaluation)

JR CREW  (7-13 years)  85 min.  PRE APPROVAL REQUIRED.  Beginner students that can easily demonstrate Level 1 and 2 combinations and show increased flexibility, focus and stamina. Students are challenged at an accelerated rate to reach new heights and gain repertoire knowledge and partnering skills.  Focus is on level 2 and 3 sequences to increase strength and endurance. Prerequisites: Level 1 and/or Level 2 and can easily climb to the top of the silk multiple times. (by instructor approval)

(7-14 years) 
85 min. PRE APPROVAL REQUIRED.  Intermediate students that have shown proper progressions and skill technique. Students focus on repertoire knowledge, partnering skills, and act creation while maintaining necessary conditioning elements.  Crew classes incorporate dance/choreography and theater skills that create a well rounded Aerial Artist.  Prerequisites: Level 1 & 2 (by instructor approval)

(8-17 years) 
85 min. PRE APPROVAL REQUIRED.  Advanced students that have an established skill set with sound aerial techniques that can transfer to all aerial apparatus. Students focus on choreography, solo and multi-person act creation.  Strength, endurance and flexibility are maintained to meet the demands of the class. Special attention is given to the instruction and progression side of movement that can be transferred into assistant teaching opportunities as an Aerial Warehouse team member. Prerequisites: Jr or Int. Crew (by instructor approval)

Action Arts

ACRO PLAY  (5-7 years) 55 Min. Basic urban gymnastics . Use of strategic obstacle courses to build playground skills. Participants use the ground and the air to enhance & develop balance, strength and coordination using many cirque/parkour style apparatus. 

AIRE BUDS  (7-12 years) 55 min. Beginning instruction and practice of basic parkour and tumbling and trampoline skills. Free running, jumping, flipping & swinging using safe & effective courses and techniques.

FLIPS ‘n’ TRICKS  (9-12 years) 55 Min. Intermediate tumbling, trampoline and Parkour skills. (Tier 2) Instruction & practice of free running, flipping, jumping, swinging on intermediate level obstacle courses.

PARKOUR (9-14 years)  55 Min.  Intermediate Parkour skills required. Instruction and practice of free running, flipping, jumping, swinging on intermediate level obstacle courses. Parkour is the sport of moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running.


The ActorsMark offers classes, workshops, camps and private lesson to budding young actors. Schedule coming soon!

Month to Month Pricing

Billing is done the 1st week of every month.
All pricing based upon 4, 8 or 12 classes per month. 
All 5th or extra classes are billed separately at your current per class rate.
You can opt out of 1 class per month if notified prior to 1st pf the month **NO EXCEPTIONS


Monthly Auto Pay Pricing & Private Lessons

3 month minimum contract w/auto renewal the 1st of each month 
All pricing based upon 4, 8 or 12 classes per month. 
No Opting out of any monthly clasess
Make Up lessons valid 30 days from absence
30 day notice required to terminate all auto pay contracts.
All 5th or extra classes are billed separately at your current per class rate.



Earn PE Credits while getting fit and being active.

Physical Education at Aerial Warehouse is an fun-filled empowering space to have fun while earning credits for school! We offer a variety of classes to fulfill your PE requirements.  It’s a great way to get fit, earn credits, and build lifelong skills.  
Please email us if you’d like more information or to build a class that fits your group!


All clients enrolled in our program qualify to
perform in our
 Student Showcases.Please see our guidelines for performances below:

  • There will be mandatory rehearsals for all performers.
  • There will be a charge for tickets.
  • There will be an extra fee for costumes supplied by you or by us.
  • The costume fee will be approximately $25-$100 per child per act.
  • We will always work to make this as cost effective as possible.
  • To qualify for performances, you must be enrolled in at least 6 weeks of classes prior to performance dates.

Policies, Procedures, Gym & Behavior Rules

When you enroll for classes at Aerial Warehouse, we book your child through the season which usually ends the 1st or 2nd week of June.
Month to Month payers can opt out of classes prior to the month’s billing on the 1st.
Autopay Contracts are a 3 month commitment with a required 30 day written cancellation.
We have a rolling enrollment and your session (pro-rated if needed) can start at anytime provided there is space available.
It is very important to us that you and your child have a safe, fun and rewarding experience at our facility. For this reason, we provide and require all students and parents to adhere to our gym rules and behavior policies:
  • Monthly Tuition Payers is due the 1st of each month and will be run automatically
  • Auto-pay Tuition Payers are run on the first of each month and have a 3 month contract..
  • Cancellation of Auto-pay must be done 30 days prior to the drop date via email to
  • There are no refunds for tuition. However new students entering the program after the 1st class will have their tuition prorated.
  • Tuition is based on 4 weeks however if there are 5 weeks the account will be adjusted accordingly. Tuition is always adjusted when there is a recognized gym closure.
  • Sibling discounts off regular tuition are 5%
  • Special Events and camps are prepaid there are no refunds, credits or makeups.


  • Trial classes are $30 for first time clients.


  • Students must be currently enrolled in class.
  • 1 makeup per month is allowed.
  • You will have one month from the missed class to schedule a makeup in a class that is equal in time or they shall forfeit the make-up.
  • All scheduled makeups will count in attendance. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR PRO-RATIONS FOR MISSED CLASSES!
  • Email to book your makeup lessons


  • For health and safety reasons, your child will not be admitted to class if he or she is more than 15 minutes late.
  • Do not bring sick children to the gym! Any child showing signs of sickness will be asked to leave the facility, No Exceptions!
  • Please schedule a makeup.
  • All students with long hair must keep it securely pulled back..
  • All aerial artists are required to wear a leotard and legging or a very tight fitted athletic top and leggings.
  • We will have items in the lobby for purchase if needed.
  •  Sport shorts and t-shirt for all tumbling and trampoline.
  • NO jewelry, zippers or buttons on clothing is not permitted.
  • Empty your pockets if you are using the foam pit.
  • Respectful and safe behavior is expected at all times. Unacceptable behavior such as; disrespect for others, pushing, hitting, line cutting, and bad language will not be permitted and the child will receive a time out in the lobby, 2nd warning will result in will result in being asked to leave class and a behavior slip and meeting with the a parent.
  • Students who are continually disruptive will be asked to find other instruction.
  • Instructors shall go over gym safety during instruction.
  • There are safety posters throughout the gym to assist students in remembering the rules.


  • All items that are found in the gym will be placed in our lost and found bin and held for 2 weeks after this period the items are donated.
 Please remember for liability reasons parent and siblings are not allowed in the gym. Viewing is permitted in designated areas only. Please keep all non-participating siblings with a parent or guardian at all times, it is important to us that you and your child have a safe, fun and rewarding experience at our facility